Do you and your partner…

  • Suffer from endless power struggles and disagreements?

  • Need your relationship to be a sanctuary… but don’t know how to create it?

  • Long for closeness, romance, and joy?

Let The Marriage Whisperers teach you how to create a happy, lasting relationship!

Mark & Joy Nordquist were high school sweethearts. Now married over 50 years, they coach couples in creating strong, loving partnerships without sacrificing the happiness of each partner.

Joy, former marriage therapist-turned-coach, and Mark, former NFL lineman-turned-entrepreneur, combine their experience with the wisdom of experts in The Relationship Playbook, a relationship enrichment program.

Comprehensive in scope, rich in content and spiced with humor, the program is organized into Twelve Principles every couple should understand.  It includes a wide array of practices and skills, from communication and the art of forgiveness to balancing power and rediscovering romance..

The program has universal benefit, whether you are:

  • yet to fully commit
  • engaged… planning your wedding… newlywed
  • years-married… juggling kids and careers
  • a second time around couple
  • empty-nesters seeking to reconnect

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